Case Studies

You’re probably looking for an example of how we’ve solved the exact problem you face, in your industry, for a company like yours. While it’s possible we have done just that, every company really is different—and the way its customers look at it is different, too.

Which is why we suggest you also consider the results we’ve achieved, and our process for getting there. Because when it comes to customer experience improvement, it’s easy to talk about ‘outside-in.’ Actually getting this perspective—and being able to take action on it—is a bit harder.

Building Internal Customer Experience Capabilities

Desire to differentiate on member experience and increase operating efficiencies drives creation of internal member experience group, leveraging McorpCX proven tools and systems.

Bridging the Physical-Digital Customer Experience Gap

Integrating today’s retail shopper’s omni-channel preferences with physical locations creates differentiated experiences that drive greater traffic, wallet share, and shopper engagement.

Enabling a Customer-Journey-Centric Reorg

By defining customer experience from the insureds perspective for this 80 year-old insurer, we prioritized journeys which most affect member loyalty, engaging with business architects to redefine the way experiences are delivered across key channels...

Enabling a Customer Journey Mapping Competency

By creating and leading a customer journey mapping training and certification program, we gave this global technology leader the tools to increase customer centricity and improve the systems that enable it.

Customer Experience Design Differentiates and De-commoditizes

Intelligence comes to HVAC systems maintenance, as internet-linked sensors and smartphone-enabled technicians link customer history and equipment records to drive new product and service offerings.